Enjoy The Smooth Refreshing Taste Of Lifestream Alkaline Water

Alkaline Hydration

Elevated Alkalinity to Bring your Body Back to Balance.

Positive pH Power

The Benefits of high pH (9.5+) Water!

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Nothing beats the convenience of single‑serve bottles.


Single-serve bottles of Lifestream Alkaline Water are the easy grab-and-go option to stay hydrated when you head out into the world. It’s all about convenience and portability with these personal-sized bottles, the perfect option for school lunches, trips to the gym, sporting events, hiking, biking and office meetings. Want that smooth refreshing taste, no matter where you go? Grab a bottle and go!

ALL Bottled Water is NOT Created Equal

Its your body. You have a choice. Your water should be more than just generic, filtered and distilled. IT SHOULD ELEVATE, HYDRATE AND PROVIDE POSITIVE pH BALANCE!

Don’t just reach for the next bottle or glass of filtered water. If you want the best for yourself, you should be drinking a premier water designed for today’s lifestyles. Our bodies require balance, and Lifestream Alkaline Water is exactly that a premium drinking water designed to bring your body back to balance with positive pH power.

You’ll notice the smooth refreshing taste of Lifestream Alkaline Water the first time you drink it.